TUTORIAL: DIY Star Wars Lightsaber Party Favors

Star Wars Lightsaber Party favors

When researching Star Wars craft project, it can feel downright overwhelming. I mean, seriously,there are a ton of crafty Star Wars stuff out there. And the one that really stood out was a DIY paper lightsaber made out of a toilet paper roll and glitter card stock paper. Using Blackberry Vines‘ lightsaber invitation post, I thought [...]

TUTORIAL: DIY Star Wars Party Decorations (Part 1)

star wars party decorations

You’ve got your handmade, personalized Star Wars Happy Birthday Banner. Check. You’ve got some white, black, gold streamers or balloons. Check. But you need something to make your Star Wars party decorations pop without breaking the bank….hmmm, what’s a mama to do? I know! Make some Star Wars Party decorations out of paper! There are a [...]

TUTORIAL: Star Wars Happy Birthday Banner (Outline Version)

Star Wars Happy Birthday Sign feature Outline Version

Last spring I made a simple LEGO Star Wars Happy Birthday Banner for Piano Man’s classmate, and he was thrilled to have a handmade LEGO Star Wars Banner with his name. It worked out perfectly because his name is Liam. Piano Man asked for a similar look without the LEGO font. As I began working [...]

TUTORIAL: DIY Star Wars Stencil T-Shirt Designs

clone trooper star wars diy tutorial stencil t-shirt

Just about every year Prof and I match our t-shirts with the kids’ costumes. Since we’re not the type of parents to get all decked out for Halloween, wearing matching themed t-shirts makes us one Hallow-themed family. Let’s see. Here’s a running list of our Halloween costume themes: Angry Birds Legends of Chima This year’s theme [...]

What Are You Up to This Weekend?

fall pumpkin painting

“It’s raining. It’s pouring. The old man is snoring. He went to bed and bumped his head, and he wouldn’t get up in the morning.” I feel like the old man on this dreary Friday morning. It has been raining all night, and with two wake up calls with our little Linus who had trouble [...]

Going to the Dark Side

Star Wars Sneak Peak yoda teaser

Crafty projects took a long summer hiatus here at Hometown Betty, as you can tell with our summer long travel posts (See Indiana and Ohio). A lot of it had to do with our basement flooding, causing us to put some tender love and care to what felt like an unused space into a usable piece of real [...]

So Happy to Code – Thanks BlogHer


Good morning! What a beautiful morning on this fine fall day. It’s been a busy weekend of working on several creative tutorial blog posts, as well as spending quality time with our fun, spirited boys. Thanks to Piano Man sharing a little history lesson about Johnny Appleseed, we made a simple semi-homemade apple pie to [...]