TUTORIAL: Cardboard Glasses and 3D Paper Mustache

3d paper mustache and cardboard glasses tutorial

I’ve got a fun two-part tutorial – make your own cardboard glasses and 3D paper mustache! Your little one is going to look so stylish and manly. Our little man wore these for a school-wide biography project. Maybe you’re looking to make something for Movember or just for a fun costume project. Whatever is your reason, you’ll want […]

The Biography Project 2

Bill Watterson

It’s that time of year. The school year is moving full speed ahead with another annual school-wide biography project. Last year Piano Man embodied Mozart (Biography Project 1) from hair to toe. You can check out the various tutorials for those costumes pieces here: TUTORIAL: Mozart Paper Wig TUTORIAL: Mozart’s Red Jacket TUTORIAL: Fake Ruffled Front […]

The Giving Tree Narrative

the giving tree narrative once upon a time

Photographs can have an instinctual way of telling a story. Take a closer look at an image, and you can see details that might give insight to the subject matter and its environment. And if there is a sequential order of images related to one another, then it becomes a photographic narrative much like a […]

TUTORIAL: Betty Ford’s 1960s Bouffant Paper Hair Wig

Bouffant Betty Ford paper wig tutorial diy

What woman didn’t want to have a bouffant hairstyle in the 1950s-1960s-1970s? Today, I bring you another famous Betty paper wig tutorial. We’re going for a presidential look or rather a first lady look with none other than Betty Ford (Elizabeth Ann Bloomer). Betty Bloomer was born in Chicago, but grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She […]

Large Format Cameras – Yes Please!

large format camera red camera viewfinder analogue photography

I’ve been diving into various cameras for the last few months. Not only have we been using 35mm film cameras, but we’ve explored other camera types like medium format cameras, such as the Bronica, Mamiya, and Holga. In fact, we shot our Once Upon a Time group assignment with a Bronica (but more on that later). […]

When Photography Rules Are Make to be Broken (Part 2)

Post Visualization copy 2

Great photographers, like Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, were great because they thought in the pre-visualization process. They considered the “perfect moment,” also known as the “decisive moment” to be the premier mode of working in photography. They had to plan for the perfect light, composition, proportion, movement, and texture before hitting the shutter […]

Seeing Grand Rapids

rock climbing playground if this is art photography silo

Over the weekend, I spent time with classmates in my analogue photography class shooting two photo projects. If you follow on Instagram, you would have seen images shot in “real time.” While our assignment required us to shoot with our 35mm camera in black and white film, I also brought along my iPhone and my Canon […]

When Photography Rules Are Made to be Broken (Part 1)

analogue post visualization-2

What are some basic photography rules that you follow? Is it lighting? Is it composition? The rule of thirds? symmetry? Once you’ve got your camera and subject(s) ready, then snap! You’ve got the perfect image, right? That’s the pre-visualization process. But what if you start to tinker with your image in the darkroom? Say spraying developer […]