What’s a Multicultural Crayon (or Marker)?

multicultural crayon marker

Have you attended a parent night event at your school? Piano Man’s school held one a couple of weeks ago, and his teacher sent a wish list of additional school supplies for the class. I recognized all the usual suspects: pencils, card stock paper, tissues, Lysol wipes, books for the class, etc. Nothing  out of the [...]

Instagram on Display

instagram art gallery photography

Last week I asked if anyone uses Instagram on Facebook. No response. I could only guess that 1) my Facebook following is too small of a demographic to ask such a thing, or 2) my Facebook followers don’t really use it. Maybe it’s a both, so I guess it’s option 3. On the first day [...]

National Preparedness Month for Schools

world trade center september 11 2001

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month in the U.S.? National Preparedness? What is that? For many Americans, the events of September 11, 2001 were a catastrophic terrorist event of epic proportions on U.S. soil. With nearly 3,000 casualties and over $10 billion in property damages, that day sent waves of political, social, and [...]

Trying Sushi for the First Time

photo Sushi for the first time-3

When I was 18, a group of us went out for dinner. The group was a unique, eclectic group – a super duper senior, upperclassmen, and some freshman like my roommate and myself. My roommate and I had never tried sushi before, so the group thought it was the perfect introduction to try new foods. The [...]

Appreciating Art Through a Child’s Eyes

Grand Rapids Art Museum Michigan

We love museums. I have to give major props to Prof for encouraging me to enjoy the finer aspects in life. I mean, seriously, we probably visited two museums and/or archeological sites per day on our honeymoon! That’s where my love for museums began. When I was single, I didn’t value art or architectural space. I [...]

Keeping It Classy

Betty Class School

Classes are in full swing. Some schools started mid-August. Others last week. And us? Yesterday. Prof was back, teaching a full load of classes. Piano Man was pumped to learn a bunch of new things from his new teacher. Homey woke up before the crack of dawn. Linus wasn’t too thrilled with all the changes. But [...]

Five Tips to Get Your Kids to Enjoy the Museum

GRAM Grand Rapids Art Museum Enjoying Art

On our way back from Indianapolis, Prof and I had a conversation about how many museums we’ve taken the boys together. It’s gotta be at least a dozen. I started to think about what made some museum trips enjoyable and memorable. Most of our museum visits relied on the hands-on experience. After all, what kid is going to [...]

Indy Street Photography & Foodie Photos

Indianapolis Street Photography

Some people prefer quiet solace, being surrounded by nature, over the loud rush of city sounds. Not me. One of the best things about traveling in the city is seeing the city. We’re suburbanites, so it’s a treat to see the hustle and bustle of moving vehicles, people walking in and out of a convention [...]

Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Encyclopedic Art Collections

Indianapolis Museum of Art

I’m rounding out our museum tour of Indianapolis with the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). Ranked as the #1 Thing to Do in Indianapolis, according to Trip Advisor, we were fortunate to spend another quiet weekday roaming the spaces in this free art museum. Did I mention that it’s free? Art museums that are free, available to [...]

What’s So Amazing About the Largest Children’s Museum in the World?

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Years ago Parents Magazine featured an article of their top ten children’s museums in the U.S. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis ranked #1 on the list. (It’s still ranked #1 on their website.) At an impressive 365,000 square feet of gallery space, it’s also the world’s largest children’s museum, giving families plenty of space to roam, [...]