What Are You Up to This Weekend?

Lake Erie Huntington Beach Ohio travel

Wow, week 4 of NaBloPoMo is complete. I don’t know if it’s the turn in the early winter weather (see some wintery photos on Instagram) or if it’s just a busy semester, but I am ready for the weekend. I’ve learned a bit about myself and Hometown Betty during NaBloPoMo, which I think is one […]

TUTORIAL: Korean First Birthday Dohl Invitation

Korean First Birthday Dohl Invitation

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Today in honor of National Children’s Day, (UN Resolution 836(IX)), I am bringing an old tutorial that’s never been published on Hometown Betty. This was back in the days before I began blogging. A friend asked me to make a handmade birthday invitation for her daughter’s first birthday. If you […]

TRAVEL: Grand Rapids Art Museum with Kids

Grand Rapids Art Museum sign

We’ve lived in Grand Rapids for nearly a decade, and I don’t think I’ve taken the time to see the city. Sure, we’ve visited ArtPrize in the city, but that was an exception. It’s the inevitable. You raise a family in the burbs, then there’s less of a reason to go into the city. You have […]

En Guard – The Art of Fencing

Fencing match

Piano Man is a busy guy. He’s got his regularly scheduled piano lessons. He’s had some soccer training and rock climbing experience, but now he’s added a new sport to his repertoire – fencing. Several months ago I noticed a fencing class for kids his age. I thought it would be so great for him to […]

What Are You Up to This Weekend?

george lucas space age art museum in chicago

Week Two of NaBloPoMo is finished, and I’m feeling the blogging burn. Perhaps it’s the volunteer work at Piano Man’s school that’s starting to take its toll, but the pressure to blog everyday (or in my case, every weekday) is making it tough to produce quality work. So why not reduce my postings back to […]

TUTORIAL: Ninjago Birthday Cake Toppers

Ninjago printables birthday cake toppers

#TBT, It’s Throwback Thursday! I’ve been cleaning up old files, and I ran across old images and handmade projects before I started Hometown Betty. Oh remember the day when LEGO Ninjago was popular? When we lived overseas, it wasn’t easy to find Ninjago birthday party supplies, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I […]

How to Host a Star Wars Themed Birthday Party (w/ free printable)

star wars birthday party

Now that you’ve got plenty of Star Wars handmade party supplies made, it’s time to turn our attention to Piano Man’s Star Wars party! There are plenty of decorations and party ideas to host a Star Wars themed birthday party. You will find plenty of ideas on Pinterest and mommy blogs galore. I’ve found many that were […]

TUTORIAL: Star Wars Party Decorations (Part 2)

star wars party decorations

Remember when I posted this a few weeks ago? In the middle of my paper decorating process, I shared how to make Star Wars Paper Party Streamers. But there so much you could do to transform a home into a Star Wars themed zone. Designating Party Spaces I chose to create three main areas – an inviting […]